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Re: no{thing} build profiles

On 2018-10-24 10:33:30 +0100, Jonathan Dowland wrote:
> That is sort-of what is happening for neomutt (20171215+dfsg.1-1)
> at least, it reports
>    sh: 1: gpg: not found
> There's room for improvement there. mutt (1.9.2-1) is worse
>    Error: verification failed: Unsupported protocol
> both with the default configurations.

Mutt is correct here. It just reports the error from GPGME:

  err = gpgme_op_verify (ctx, signature, message, NULL);
  if (err)
      char buf[200];
      snprintf (buf, sizeof(buf)-1, 
                _("Error: verification failed: %s\n"),
                gpgme_strerror (err));
      state_puts (buf, s);

You need to complain to GPGME.

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