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Re: RFC: Naming convention for ILP64 variant of BLAS/LAPACK

On 2018-10-23 22:17, Mo Zhou wrote:
Hi Sebastien,

Two in the audience are object to the "-ilp64" naming convention.
Then how about this?

 bin:libblas-base   (...)
 bin:libblas-dev    (...)
 bin:libblas64-base (filename=libblas64.so.3, SONAME=libblas64.so.3,
 bin:libblas64-dev  (...)

This is consistent (modulo hyphen) with Cray, which has

cray-petsc   cray-petsc-64
cray-tpsl    cray-tpsl-64

Curiously Cray's BLAS implementation (cray-libsci) doesn't have a separate 64 version.