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Re: Confusing our users - who is supporting LTS?

[I am trimming the CC list a little. Steve is subscribed to debian-lts.
Our leader is subscribed to debian-lts and debian-devel and drowns in
emails anyway. I hope you agree.]

Am 23.10.18 um 15:47 schrieb Sean Whitton:
> The more LTS is integrated with the regular project, the more that teams
> will feel they have to spend time on LTS matters.  Even if paid LTS team
> members are the ones writing the patches to do the actual integration,
> the relevant Debian team will still have to review those patches, engage
> in design discussion and keep LTS needs in mind while doing their other
> work.  Indeed, that's what you're asking for in the paragraphs of your
> e-mail I've quoted.  Reducing integration avoids this problem.

I believe LTS is not a black and white issue as it is depicted in this
thread so far. We neither solve such a problem by hiding LTS nor by
reducing the integration within the Debian project. The goals of the LTS
project have been clearly communicated from the beginning and nobody was
ever forced to work on them. [1] Our main goal is to extend the lifetime
of stable releases by providing security support and bug fixes for all
packages except those which are marked as unsupported in our
debian-security-support package. That has never implied that we support
every official or non-official subproject that bases its work on the
availability of LTS.

This is the first time that someone expresses concern how LTS affects
other subprojects but I don't think it is correct to assume that it is a
general issue which can only be solved by making LTS less integrated
into Debian. I feel the best way to deal with such situations is to
communicate very clearly that "subproject X" does not support LTS
releases and recommends to make an upgrade instead. If subproject X is
general in favor of LTS support but lacks time and energy to make it
happen, we should determine whether it is possible and desired that the
LTS team steps in and lends a helping hand.

In short: Make it very clear if you want to provide long-term support
for your project. Talk to the LTS team in case you need help. Nobody is
forced to do anything.




As a first step I'm going to create a LTS/Jessie subpage on our wiki
that will outline what we currently (don't) support in Jessie.

[1] https://wiki.debian.org/LTS/

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