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Re: Package deb with shared library

On 10/22/18 12:36 PM, Damir Porobic wrote:
> Hi All,
> I was not sure to which Mailing list my question belongs so I'm writing
> here, if I should use a different list, let me know.
> Currently I'm trying to create a .deb package for my Application and I'm
> kind of stuck with packaging a shared library that I use. The shared
> library is not available via any public repository, so it can't be
> installed the usual way, but it's open source and I build it from source
> and install before I package the application. It's installed under
> //usr/local//.

You must create a Debian package that installs the lib in a proper
directly under /usr/lib. That's the correct way to do things.

> I was able to build the .deb package but when I install it on a machine,
> it fails to start with the message that it was not able to find my
> shared library.

Which means that you haven't installed the lib at the correct place.

> Is there a way to deploy my shared library with the .deb package without
> my shared library being available on public repos? If yes, could you
> point me to an example?

Get the source package from any library in Debian and have a look how
its made.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)