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Re: RFC: Naming convention for ILP64 variant of BLAS/LAPACK

* Mo Zhou:

> Proposal:
>   * The "-ilp64" postfix should be appended to the SONAME of all the new
>     shared objects that provide ILP64 interface. For example:
>       libblas.so.3 (LP64) -> libblas-ilp64.so.3 (ILP64)
>     As a result, the same postfix should be added to the binary package
>     name. For example:
>       libblas3 (LP64) -> libblas-ilp64-3 (ILP64)
>   * No change will be made to all the present BLAS/LAPACK libraires that
>     provide LP64 interface.
>   * No change will be made to either API or ABI of BLAS/LAPACK.
>   * This proposal only applies to 64-bit-capable architectures.

Why do you want to retain the libraries with 32-bit indices?  Is it
for ABI compatibility with Fortran code that uses them directly?

What's the time frame for these changes?  Is it likely that a Fortran
ABI bump occurs before that anyway?