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Re: Package deb with shared library

Hi Damir,

On Mon, Oct 22, 2018 at 10:36:12AM +0000, Damir Porobic wrote:
> I was not sure to which Mailing list my question belongs so I'm writing here,
> if I should use a different list, let me know.
According to the content of your mail I think debian-user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
is a more proper place to ask for help.
> I was able to build the .deb package but when I install it on a machine, it
> fails to start with the message that it was not able to find my shared library.
Maybe you want to read the manual page ld.so(8)
> Is there a way to deploy my shared library with the .deb package without my
> shared library being available on public repos? If yes, could you point me to
> an example?

I don't know what "public repo" mean. If you meant to create debian
package that installs stuff under /usr/local , then there is no any
example from Debian's official archive at all.