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Package deb with shared library

Hi All,

I was not sure to which Mailing list my question belongs so I'm writing here, if I should use a different list, let me know.

Currently I'm trying to create a .deb package for my Application and I'm kind of stuck with packaging a shared library that I use. The shared library is not available via any public repository, so it can't be installed the usual way, but it's open source and I build it from source and install before I package the application. It's installed under /usr/local/.

I was able to build the .deb package but when I install it on a machine, it fails to start with the message that it was not able to find my shared library.

Is there a way to deploy my shared library with the .deb package without my shared library being available on public repos? If yes, could you point me to an example?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,