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Re: no{thing} build profiles

 ❦ 21 octobre 2018 13:15 GMT, Ivan Shmakov <ivan@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

>  >>> tinysshd only ships a systemd unit file; neomutt links against
>  >>> libgpgme11 which again Depends on gnupg.  It’s the kind of
>  >>> dependencies that individually make sense,
> 	I beg to differ; I suppose (though haven’t actually tried) I
> 	can start tinysshd straight from rc.local just as well, or even
> 	write my own init.d script, right?  Having the dependency in
> 	place just makes it harder to me to contribute an init.d script
> 	for the package.

tinysshd requires some kind of socket server to run. It could run from
inetd, so if you were an actual user, I would propose you file a bug
report against the package to let the maintainer knows the dependency is
too strong for your use (and maybe propose a patch to integrate with

As you are not, please, do not. Our resources are scarce and we already
cater for the need of many non-existent users.
How apt the poor are to be proud.
		-- William Shakespeare, "Twelfth-Night"

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