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Re: Debian Buster release to partially drop non-systemd support

Martin Steigerwald - 19.10.18, 10:57:
> That written, I estimate or guess that the people preferring to use
> another initialization system than the initialization system in
> Systemd are in the minority. Yet, this minority might be larger than
> you think. Especially as popularity contest does not count the ones
> who switched over to Devuan:

Okay, let's add some numbers:

Debian and all the other Debian derived distributions:
- 3109 (=1,55%) installations of sysvinit-core
- 2031 (=1,01%) installations of runit -68 runit-systemd -6 of runit-
sysv (counted above already)
- 110 (=0,05) installations of openrc, but it works on top of sysvinit
- https://qa.debian.org/popcon.php?package=sysvinit (and so on)

- 2578 installations of sysvinit-core (and I just added two more by 
installing popularity-contest on my Devuan based server VMs)
- 27 installations of runit
- 141 installations of openrc, installations of openrc, but it works on 
top of sysvinit
- http://popcon.devuan.org/tmp-www/by_inst.html

So Devuan almost doubles the percentage of sysvinit-core  installations.

A minority? Yes. But a sizable one.