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Re: Debian Buster release to partially drop non-systemd support

dropping debian-hurd

Bernd Zeimetz - 18.10.18, 22:07:
> - the typical package maintainer won't test initscripts

I am not typical then.

> After using a lot of systemd now I will never go back to init scripts.
> Systemd comes with a steep learning curve, but one you've stated
> using its features you'll never go back.

Obviously I am not the "you" you mean here. I learned quite a lot about 
Systemd as I integrated it in my Linux training slides. I even like 
quite some of the features.

Still two of my server VMs are running Devuan already – one with 
sysvinit and another one with OpenRC – and I am pondering to switch over 
this laptop too. And the one running Debian also runs sysvinit.

I think it is helpful to mainly speak of oneself here instead of 
claiming what (apparent) others may like or do.

That written, I estimate or guess that the people preferring to use 
another initialization system than the initialization system in Systemd 
are in the minority. Yet, this minority might be larger than you think. 
Especially as popularity contest does not count the ones who switched 
over to Devuan:

% apt show popularity-contest
Description: Vote for your favourite packages automatically
 The popularity-contest package sets up a cron job that will
 periodically anonymously submit to the Devuan developers
 statistics about the most used packages on this system.