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Re: Debian Buster release to partially drop non-systemd support

On Tue, 16 Oct 2018, Adam Borowski wrote:

> > > With only two modified binary packages (policykit-1 and udisks2) I’ve

> 1. You need to recompile these packages, this is not something an average
> user or even sysadmin knows how to do.

I publish .deb packages for them (although not for all arches yet).

> 2. You lose basic functionality like being able to shutdown from a GUI.

Oh? For me, Ctrl-Alt-Backspace+Ctrl-Alt-Del works.

> > 1. systemd-shim is not necessary, even for DEs (except GNOME3).
> Alas, dependency chains say otherwise.


> What almost all of those packages want is logind functionality, but I quite

I don’t know about “logind functionality” and don’t care about it,
I’ve never needed it, and disqualifying sysvinit because it doesn’t
have it is plain wrong because there are a *lot* of use cases that
don’t need it.

Perhaps it’d be better if it were available. But the counter-reaction
of disqualifying if it’s not available is invalid.

> Other pieces are some power management that has been moved into logind, etc.

Eh? The acpi command works, and sysfs writes do so, too…

> > 2. sysvinit-core is very stable and do not need new uploads.
> Exactly!  Almost any changes in recent years were entirely because "systemd
> wants X".  Thus, no wonders people are angry because of unnecessary work.

Hm. I didn’t follow those changes, but if it’s that… good point.

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