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Re: Debian Buster release to partially drop non-systemd support

Am 16.10.18 um 09:57 schrieb Martin Steigerwald:
> Ansgar Burchardt - 16.10.18, 08:53:
>> If some people consistently call others a "cancer", accuse them of
>> "vandalizing" open source, spread obvious FUD and so on, then I don't
>> think they would fit in well in Debian's culture where they would have
>> to accept that packages such as systemd exist.
> I disagree. So far I saw none of the Devuan developers (!) I had contact 
> with doing any of the stuff you accuse them of.


>> And no, it's not just that infobot factoid or just random people that
>> are totally unrelated to Devuan.
> A claim without facts. So FUD in itself. I let go on spending energy to 
> prove otherwise.

What you say is obviously wrong, and you should know that if you follow

Even the founder of Devuan regularly uses exactly the words Ansgar
Chris Lamb not to long ago was target of those conspiracy theories and
hate mails (search for redis on their mailing list) if you don't believe me.

Personally I'm happy that the Devuan people moved to their own place as
debian-devel and debian-user became bearable again.


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