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Re: Debian Buster release to partially drop non-systemd support

Ansgar Burchardt - 16.10.18, 08:53:
> If some people consistently call others a "cancer", accuse them of
> "vandalizing" open source, spread obvious FUD and so on, then I don't
> think they would fit in well in Debian's culture where they would have
> to accept that packages such as systemd exist.

I disagree. So far I saw none of the Devuan developers (!) I had contact 
with doing any of the stuff you accuse them of. I think it is important 
to see the difference between the comments on random people in some 
mailing list or IRC channel and *actual* Devuan *developers*.

I am no Debian maintainer or developer in the formal sense, but I 
maintain two packages for Debian. In one of them, fio, I integrated an 
sysvinit script for running fio as a service in addition to the Systemd 
unit – also for improving support in Devuan that I use with my servers. 
As I had some issues with that I asked on Devuan's dng mailing list and 
got professional help from KatolaZ mentioning a fio option I was not 
aware of and did not think of checking for. That helped me to improve 
the upstream Systemd unit as well. Yes, that is right: My work on that 
sysvinit script actually led to an improvement of the Systemd unit.


What I saw so far is that Devuan developers are actually not at all 
interested in drama, but in getting work done. Here a recent example for 

Re: [devuan-dev] Debian Buster release to partially drop non-systemd 

> And no, it's not just that infobot factoid or just random people that
> are totally unrelated to Devuan.

A claim without facts. So FUD in itself. I let go on spending energy to 
prove otherwise.

In addition to that the infobot factiod may easily have not been from a 
Devuan developer or someone else related to Devuan:

golinux@xxxxxxxx - 16.10.18, 03:32:
> infobot is a bot with a database that references 119770 factoids that
> can be queried. Each one has it's own individual author and literally
> anybody can add new factoids to the bot. It has been around for about
> 20 years. It *allows* Devuan to use the bot services and would allow
> Debian to do exactly same.


I put the emphasis on *anybody* here.

So I close with a snippet from the post of KatolaZ mentioned above:

KatolaZ - 16.10.18, 06:23:
> Let's try to reduce the useless chit-chat and drama to a minimum,
> please (and the minimum is zero, in this case), since that's not
> helpful at all, and does not build packages. I subscribed to
> debian-devel as well, and will reach out later.


Drama is not helpful to get anything done. KatolaZ already reached out.

I suggest to continue discussion about getting work done on Debian 
sysvinit maintainer's list. And to end it here.