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Re: Debian Buster release to partially drop non-systemd support

Martin Steigerwald writes:
> Ansgar Burchardt - 15.10.18, 16:03:
>> Please no.  I don't think it would help Debian to have toxic people
>> maintain packages.
>> (As an example, Devuan's infobot has fun facts like this one:
>> "<+infobot> 'sth is poettering' means it acts invasive, possessive,
>> destructive, and generally in an egocentric exacerbating negative way.
>> ``this cancer is extremely poettering'' [...]")
> Calling people "toxic" IMHO is quite similar to what Devuan's infobot 
> displays: Both are attacks on persons. And both are not helpful.

I'm also guilty of calling MikeeUSA a toxic person, also a horrible
personal attack.  For me enough Devuan-related people have managed to
end up in the same category by hard work.  I don't think it's
coincidence that the "VUA" liked MikeeUSA's writings about why systemd
is so evil.

If some people consistently call others a "cancer", accuse them of
"vandalizing" open source, spread obvious FUD and so on, then I don't
think they would fit in well in Debian's culture where they would have
to accept that packages such as systemd exist.

And no, it's not just that infobot factoid or just random people that are
totally unrelated to Devuan.

(Yes, I know Devuan eventually banned MikeeUSA for his writings.)