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Re: Bug#910446: NMU diff (substantive patches in git-format-patch form)

Guido Günther writes ("Re: Bug#910446: NMU diff (substantive patches in git-format-patch form)"):
> It's not that much trouble for me but rather sad that people spent time
> on (in this case) just tedious work while they could fix other stuff
> in the same time since the maintainer is already on it.

Ah.  Well, then, thanks for your consideration.

I hope you are able to use most of what I did.  I expect if you rebase
my series onto your master with a conflict strategy of just taking
master's version, you'll have most of it done.

As an aside, I looked for a way to *extend* rather than *specify* the
flake8 ignore list.  I found that it is possible to fish the existing
list out of the relevant python module, but I didn't know how to write
such a programmatic thing in setup.cfg.


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