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Re: Asciidoc transition to the python3 implementation or just EOL

* Joseph Herlant:

> Hi guys,
> As announces a while ago in #895462, the asciidoc package which only
> support python2 is officially EOL.
> Notes:
> * The python 2 implementation of asciidoc which, for now, lives at
> https://github.com/asciidoc/asciidoc won't receive any new updates
> * The python 3 implementation that lives at
> https://github.com/asciidoc/asciidoc-py3 started to have a working
> version

There is a second Python 3 port here:


I don't know which one is better, and if both support Unicode properly
(the old asciidoc did not, but given the name, that can hardly be
considered a bug, right?).

> 3. have people just move to asciidoctor (it's way more actively
> maintained and tested, plus, most package support both nowadays) and
> just let the python implementation die naturally

Ah, right, I was about to suggest that.