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Re: Debian packaging, dependency management and the C++ standards meeting

On 10/3/18 7:56 PM, Jussi Pakkanen wrote:
An alternative, or parallel, approach could be to write a paper
outlining the issues and submitting it to the standard body.

It seems that papers are The communication channel for C++ ISO, it might be useful to write paper, receive feedback, and improve upon, and *additionally* present it in one of C++ conferences for more influence.

This does
require someone to be physically at the meeting and to present the
paper and its conclusions to the participants and be ready to answer

Not necessarily, it is possible to have patron that will agree to present it on behalf of authors. Initial feedback and possibly patrons (I believe some other word is used to describe them) can be found in ISO C++ forums [0].

The downside is that the deadline for submitting papers is fairly
short, I think something like 1.5 weeks so this would need to move
fairly quickly.

Well, there are about three meetings per year, and I doubt the next meeting will be some soft of "definitive" (or will it?), so paper could be reviewed in subsequent meetings.

[0] https://isocpp.org/std/forums