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Re: gbp import-orig initially defeated me [but now I've won]


Thanks to all!  I have gotten past the issue and created a build now.

On Tuesday, October 2, 2018 6:59:54 AM CDT Ian Jackson wrote:

> I think you should not set any of these options.  I disagree with the
> discussion in that article surrounding the suggestion to use
> core.autocrlf=input.  Almost no-one should do this on Linux.

Hmm.  Good to know.  I changed back to the default.  I can't recall when I 
changed it, but I suspect it was in response to reading the github page: 

> In the Debian context, if the orig tarball contains files with cr-lf
> line endings, then so must your git tree.  So you must not tell git to
> convert things.

Makes sense.