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Updating the New Debian Developer welcome email


Yesterday I received my New Debian Developer welcome email (\o/) and
noticed that it's still referencing alioth for the hosting of VCS

I couldn't find in which repo the template for this email was hosted.
Could you point me to the right repo so I can do a MR for this please?

The paragraph I'd like to propose a change for is:
The machine hosting most of our VCS repositories
({svn,bzr,git,arch,hg}.debian.org) is alioth.debian.org. It's handled
by a separate team (admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) as it allows login by
non-Debian developers. You probably already have a *-guest account
there.  Please refer to https://wiki.debian.org/AliothFAQ to learn
anything you need to know, including how to activate your account and
how to request the removal of your old -guest account.