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Re: gbp import-orig has defeated me [and 1 more messages]

Shengjing Zhu writes ("Re: gbp import-orig has defeated me"):
> I think you have configured your git to auto convert the line ending
> when commit.
> In the pristine-tar tarball,
> $ file googletest-release-1.8.1/googlemock/msvc/2005/gmock.sln
> googletest-release-1.8.1/googlemock/msvc/2005/gmock.sln: UTF-8 Unicode
> (with BOM) text, with CRLF line terminators
> In your master and upstream branch
> $ file googletest-1.8.1/googlemock/msvc/2005/gmock.sln
> googletest-1.8.1/googlemock/msvc/2005/gmock.sln: UTF-8 Unicode (with BOM) tex

Well spotted.

> I import the orig tarball in my env, these files are CRLF in my git tree.
> I'm not sure what git config influences this, but maybe core.eol,
> core.autocrlf, core.safecrlf.

Debian packging git tools could perhaps suppress these options, or
warn about them.

I know that dgit and git-deborig already take care to suppress
.gitattributes.  I hadn't considered the eol configurastion
parameters.  Maybe they need to be squashed or warned about too -
although unlike with .gitattributes, the default git configuration is

Steve Robbins writes ("Re: gbp import-orig has defeated me"):
> I think you've pointed in the right direction.  I have started
> reading through
> https://adaptivepatchwork.com/2012/03/01/mind-the-end-of-your-line/
> and discovered that I have one non-default: core.autocrlf=input.
> According to the article, this is recommended for linux.  Maybe
> that's not true;

I think you should not set any of these options.  I disagree with the
discussion in that article surrounding the suggestion to use
core.autocrlf=input.  Almost no-one should do this on Linux.

In the Debian context, if the orig tarball contains files with cr-lf
line endings, then so must your git tree.  So you must not tell git to
convert things.

If these files with cr line endings are a nuisance should probably
complain to upstream.  It is highly unusual to provide a tarball
containing DOS/Windows-format text files.  In the meantime you'll have
to repack the tarball :-/.

> or maybe I just need to generate a .gitattributes file?  I'll try
> that tomorrow.

Please don't do that.  (I don't think it would work, anyway.)
See also:

This applies even if you are not intending to upload with dgit.
But, of course, you should upload with dgit.

Good luck.


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