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Bug#910002: ITP: combblas -- an extensible parallel graph library for graph analytics

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Drew Parsons <dparsons@xxxxxxxxxx>

* Package name    : combblas
  Version         : 1.6.2
  Upstream Author : (c) 2018, The Regents of the University of California, through Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and University of California, Santa Barbara
* URL             : https://people.eecs.berkeley.edu/~aydin/CombBLAS/html/index.html
* License         : BSD
  Programming Lang: C++, C
  Description     : an extensible parallel graph library for graph analytics

The Combinatorial BLAS (CombBLAS) is an extensible distributed-memory
parallel graph library offering a small but powerful set of linear
algebra primitives specifically targeting graph analytics.

- The Combinatorial BLAS development influences the Graph BLAS
  standardization process. 
- It achieves scalability via its two dimensional distribution and
  coarse-grained parallelism. 
- CombBLAS powers HipMCL, a highly-scalable parallel implementation of
  the Markov Cluster Algorithm (MCL).
- Operations among sparse matrices and vectors use arbitrary user
  defined semirings.

combblas implements AWPM, a row permutation algorithm now offered in
superlu-dist as an alternative to the non-free MC64 algorithm.
Consequently combblas will make superlu-dist much more useful than it
has been in the past.

It will be packaged under the Debian Science team alongside