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Re: epoch bump request for gnome-calculator

On Wed, 26 Sep 2018, Jeremy Bicha wrote:
> So is it appropriate to bump an epoch in Debian to match an important
> downstream's epoch?

Yes. Precisely because there is collaboration between both sides on those

The attitude "we don't care of mistakes made by derivatives" is
counter-productive. In the context of packages shared by Kali and Debian,
there have been times where I requested an upload on the Debian side
to increase the version to something bigger than what we had in Kali
so that we could sync (it was not an epoch bump, mainly a different way
to name git snapshots IIRC) and the maintainer accepted.

On the opposite side, Debian has been importing packages from Kali and
sometimes the maintainer picked the same .orig.tar.gz with a different
checksum and this made it impossible to sync the package (reprepro like
dak can't deal with different copies of the same file). I had to remove
all copies of the source package in Kali (including snapshots that should
not be modified) to be able to import. I could have requested the Debian
maintainer to change the upstream version (say with a +ds suffix) but I
did not do that.

I cut some slack to the careless Debian maintainer and I expect them to
cut some slack to us as derivative as well when we need some help to make
our life easier.

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