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Re: epoch bump request for gnome-calculator

On Wed, Sep 26, 2018 at 9:33 PM Paul Wise <pabs@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> FTR, this is currently this set of changes:
> https://patches.ubuntu.com/g/gnome-calculator/gnome-calculator_1:3.30.0-1ubuntu1.patch

Yes, I felt my email was getting a bit long. Ubuntu's gnome-calculator
now has some patches that depend on proposed gnome-shell search
provider improvements. There's a bit of a backlog for Ubuntu's
gnome-shell patches getting reviewed in GNOME. So there is a temporary
diff but there was no diff except for the epoch for the 18.04 LTS

> An alternative might be for Launchpad to allow whitelisted downgrades

I appreciate your thinking of possible solutions, but my understanding
is that Canonical isn't investing in any more Launchpad work than is
necessary. And it's rare for anyone else to work on Launchpad.

Jeremy Bicha