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Re: epoch bump request for gnome-calculator

Hi Jonathan, and Jeremy and others,

Quoting Jonathan Carter (2018-09-26 20:45:13)
> On 26/09/2018 16:59, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
>>> More recently, I have worked to reduce the difference between Debian 
>>> and Ubuntu packaging for many GNOME packages. It gets very tedious 
>>> to need to upload gnome-calculator in Debian and then do a separate 
>>> upload in Ubuntu (along with all the required Vcs merging, updating 
>>> and tagging) just to add the epoch in Ubuntu. It would be a lot 
>>> nicer if I could just sync the Debian package to Ubuntu.
>>> So is it appropriate to bump an epoch in Debian to match an 
>>> important downstream's epoch?
>> Please no: Don't adopt in Debian mistakes done in downstream distros.
> I appreciate where your sentiment regarding this issue comes from, but 
> I think it comes across as a bit snide.
> Jeremy has pulled a lot of weight making GNOME a first class citizen 
> in Debian, and I think you should rather look at it from the 
> perspective that a DD is spending a lot of time on duplicate work that 
> effectively ends up being busy work.
> No one like epoch bumps but I know Jeremy wouldn't suggest anything 
> without spending a considerable amount of time putting thought in to 
> it.
> Personally I think you should reconsider before shooting off a 'no' so 
> quickly. And on that note I also agree with you that Debian shouldn't 
> pay for downstream mistakes, but this is clearly a bit different and a 
> bit more than that.

I apologize if coming across as snide.  Or rude or insensitive.

I have no doubt that Jeremy has thought through his question and the 
options available to him in this matter, and that Jeremy has done a 
great deal of good work for Debian and is likely to continue to do so.

My response was not intended as some kind of personal attack on Jeremy, 
it was solely uttered out of concern for Debian.

Please do believe and respect that I have _also_ given this matter quite 
some thought.


 - Jonas

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