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Bug#909670: ITP: gnome-remote-desktop -- Remote desktop daemon for GNOME using Pipewire

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
X-Debbugs-CC: debian-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Owner: jbicha@xxxxxxxxxx

Package Name: gnome-remote-desktop
Version: 0.1.6
Upstream Authors: Jonas Ådahl, Red Hat
License : GPL-2+
Programming Lang: C
Homepage: https://wiki.gnome.org/Projects/Mutter/RemoteDesktop
Description: Remote desktop daemon for GNOME using PipeWire
 This daemon enables GNOME to offer remote desktop sharing using VNC
 with PipeWire. It supports both GNOME on X and GNOME on Wayland.
 Remote sharing can be enabled and managed in the GNOME Settings app.
 This feature will not work on Ubuntu until mutter is recompiled
 with the remote desktop option enabled.

Other Info
The Debian GNOME team intends to maintain this package.

If testing goes well, we would like to install this package by default
in Debian GNOME for Buster since we currently default to Wayland.
Otherwise, at least it will be available as an option for people using

Packaging is at

Jeremy Bicha