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Re: Bug#906183: Dependency change and upgrade

"Devarajulu, Mohanasundaram" <mohanasundaram.devarajulu@xxxxxxx> writes:

> There are few reasons why I believe upgrade does not bring in entirely
> new packages by default when dependencies are changed.

IIRC there's a difference here between "apt-get upgrade" and "apt
upgrade".  The latter is equivalent to "apt-get --with-new-pkgs upgrade",
I believe.

apt(8) says:

       upgrade (apt-get(8))
           upgrade is used to install available upgrades of all packages
           currently installed on the system from the sources configured via
           sources.list(5). New packages will be installed if required to
           satisfy dependencies, but existing packages will never be removed.
           If an upgrade for a package requires the remove of an installed
           package the upgrade for this package isn't performed.

In general, I recommend to any new Debian user that they use apt instead
of apt-get as their normal interaction mechanism with the package system.
Sometimes the other tools are useful for getting more specific behavior,
but the defaults of apt seem well-tuned for the typical user and typical
use cases.

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