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Re: possible conflict over the /usr/bin/ia namespace

On 2018-09-25 14:25:25, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Iain Learmonth writes ("Re: possible conflict over the /usr/bin/ia namespace"):
>> On 25/09/18 14:16, Antoine Beaupré wrote:
>> > ... but it hasn't been migrated to Salsa. Would you be okay to move this
>> > in the Python module's team umbrella (as opposed to simply collab-maint)?
>> The whole salsa thing is not something that I've been able to keep up
>> with. I have git repos locally and I've been moving things to salsa as
>> and when I do updates. You probably shouldn't trust what is on salsa
>> anyway unless we all start using signed commits and tags. The archive is
>> the only true record of packages.

I agree with that, for the record. Like any upload I sponsor or work on,
I review the diff before signing anyways, regardless of the source.

> For packages maintained by very small (or unitary) teams with limited
> collaboration, ad-hoc sharing via personal git repos works OK.  And of
> course you can share your git branch more formally with everyone,
> in step with the archive, and with reasonable security, by using `dgit
> push'.

I really should give dgit a try again, but I guess it's a great use case
for people allergic to salsa (pun intended) and that just need a git
repo, right? :)

>> I once looked at doing team maintenance on these packages but there was
>> enough extra policy regarding that team management that I did not have
>> the time to look at it. If you would like to adopt the package and move
>> it into the team then that's fine with me. I am also on the list of "low
>> nmu" maintainers. I am not interested in maintaining the package within
>> the team myself though.

>From what I understand, the Python folks are easy: it's just a way to
get the package some visibility and help, and the overhead is
minimal. You don't have to join the team to upload.

But "collab-maint" (also known as "debian" now on Salsa) also works
fine. I don't need a new package to maintain so I'd be happy to let you
proceed with the future of this one. :)

>> Ok, I will close that in approx 15 minutes. (:

Awesome! I'll proceed with the upload of "internetarchive" (binary and
source, after consulting with #debian-python people) shortly as well.


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