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Re: possible conflict over the /usr/bin/ia namespace

Iain Learmonth writes ("Re: possible conflict over the /usr/bin/ia namespace"):
> On 25/09/18 14:16, Antoine Beaupré wrote:
> > ... but it hasn't been migrated to Salsa. Would you be okay to move this
> > in the Python module's team umbrella (as opposed to simply collab-maint)?
> The whole salsa thing is not something that I've been able to keep up
> with. I have git repos locally and I've been moving things to salsa as
> and when I do updates. You probably shouldn't trust what is on salsa
> anyway unless we all start using signed commits and tags. The archive is
> the only true record of packages.

For packages maintained by very small (or unitary) teams with limited
collaboration, ad-hoc sharing via personal git repos works OK.  And of
course you can share your git branch more formally with everyone,
in step with the archive, and with reasonable security, by using `dgit

> Ok, I will close that in approx 15 minutes. (:

Yay :-).  Please use dgit push, so that you share your
actually-uploaded git branch as well as just the package.

(back onto the dgit plug hobby-horse)