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Re: possible conflict over the /usr/bin/ia namespace

Antoine Beaupré writes ("Re: possible conflict over the /usr/bin/ia namespace"):
> Great! I would be happy to help with that if you need any assistance.
> In the meantime, should I just upload IA to NEW? :)

You need to coordinate the transition for the /usr/bin/ia filename.  I
think that means your new internet-archive package should probably
  Conflict: python-duckduckgo2 (<< version-without-ia~)

That can probably be uploaded before the new python-duckduckgo2 but
the relevant version number should be agreed.  And if you do upload
internet-archive before python-duckduckgo2 is changed there there
should probably be a bug against python-duckduckgo2.  I guess that bug
doesn't need to be rc ?


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