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Bug#906183: Dependency change and upgrade

Hello All,


One of the dev package, if installed alone, leads to a dangling symlink as the package that installs the files is not depended upon (not installed). After lots of discussions we found that it is better for the dev package to depend on the binary meta package. So the dependencies were changed on the dev package and meta package. Now the bug is resolved and the install happens well.

During the upgrade if all the packages are installed then upgrade is going through well. If only the dev package with the problem and its dependencies are installed, by default apt keeps the packages back as it does not want to install the new packages. This is the expected behavior.


The apt-get install “kept-back-package” and apt-get dist-upgrade work fine.  We do not foresee backporting these packages to the old releases. We do not see a problem in this approach even though it is an inconvenience.  Do you foresee any other problem?