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Re: Package not compatible with old systemd

On Wed, Sep 19, 2018 at 9:12 AM Ondrej Novy <novy@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> but I want my package to work without init systems, for example inside Docker. But if systemd is installed, I need >= version.

I think I had a much simpler situation with chrome-gnome-shell.
According to upstream, Firefox older than 56 is no longer supported.
Since chrome-gnome-shell works with several different browsers, it
doesn't depend on any particular browser (but Suggests and Enhances
them). I simply added a Breaks: firefox (<< 56), firefox-esr (<< 56)

While it's not perfectly ideal (some people want to try to hold on to
Firefox 52 ESR past its expiration date, but may have Chromium
installed), I think it's probably as good as we can get there.

Jeremy Bicha