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Re: Package not compatible with old systemd

Am 18.09.18 um 12:00 schrieb Michael Biebl:
> I assume you (re)start your service in postinst? In this case you need a
> running systemd >= 235 at that point.
> We do re-exec systemd in postinst, but a versioned Breaks or Conflicts
> does not give you the guarantee that systemd.postinst has run before
> your postinst.
> This is not an issue for distros which do offline updates, but for
> online updates this is problematic.
> My advice would be, to only use features that systemd from stable provides.

Fwiw, we had a similar issue in udev, see
for the gory details.

Have you tried running your swift service with an older (say v232 from
stable) systemd?
Does the service fail to start or does it have a proper fallback?


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