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Re: Limiting the size of installed changelogs

> Yes, this would be very sensible IMHO.
> Having debhelper cut off the changelogs from 4 or 6 years before (and
> inserting a pointer to the source package for the rest) sounds like
> a good idea to me.

It would be nice if X number of the oldest entries are kept - particularly the
"initial release" one. "X" can be 1 also. It is useful to know when the package
entered Debian initially. Between the newer versions and the very old one(s),
there can be a comment (with some nice dots and lines) pointing to where to
find the missing ones. I remember I have been annoyed on Ubuntu machines when
just seeing the "head" of the changelog file..

I also really hope that the full changelog always remains in the source
package, and that all cutting is handled automatically by dh_installchangelogs.