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Re: Updating the policy for conflicting binaries names ? [was: Re: Re: New package netgen-lvs with binary /usr/bin/netgen - already taken]

 ❦  9 septembre 2018 21:53 +0100, Ian Jackson <ijackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

>> The current policy maximizes discomfort for all parts involved in the 
>> name of creating equality where it does not actually exist, and this 
>> does not help anybody.
> I think it did create equality in that the inconvenience for each
> maintainer/user of the offending packages was similar.

There were no users of the ax25's node binary (and almost no users for
the package, as demonstrated later). The inconvenience was shifted
entirely on the users of the nodejs package. Our motto is to care about
our users, not to inconvenience them for the sake of non-existing users.
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