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Re: New package netgen-lvs with binary /usr/bin/netgen - already taken

Hi David,

> I may have missed it, but it looks like you didn’t ask directly the
> netgen maintainers (or explicitly CC them during this discussion). Maybe
> a first good step is to communicate with them and ask what is their take
> on that matter

If there is no way to actually share a file name without breaking the policy,
there is not anything we alone can agree on without involving the whole
community. I have absolutely no intention of stealing the /usr/bin/netgen from
them ;)

I have not asked the netgen maintainers directly, because the proposed package
upload of netgen-lvs would not have a direct impact on that package. Also, I
also consider debian-devel an open forum, assuming they also read here if
interested (probably too naive of me). :)

> (trying to find a consensus without half of the involved
> party may be considered as rude, that’s probably not your intention).

Absolutely not my intention.

Thanks for pointing it out. You are probably right, but if I were the netgen
maintainer, I could probably just as well think it would be rude to be
contacted to be asked to "share" a file name, when it can be solved without
involving me - and it does not directly impact my package. :)

Thanks again!

Best regards,