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Re: New package netgen-lvs with binary /usr/bin/netgen - already taken

Le 08/09/2018 à 07:31, Ruben Undheim a écrit :

> And it also means that the package pair "nodejs-legacy" and "node" was RC
> buggy when the packages were present (jessie I guess)

You may have a look at the TC ruling for a bit of context for node.


> Does anyone know about other packages this applies for? Any easy way to search
> the archive for packages that provide files with the same name?

Not answering that question specifically, but for example, chromium was
renamed as chromium-bsu (upstream). chromium-browser used to be
available via /usr/bin/chromium-browser for a while.

I may have missed it, but it looks like you didn’t ask directly the
netgen maintainers (or explicitly CC them during this discussion). Maybe
a first good step is to communicate with them and ask what is their take
on that matter (trying to find a consensus without half of the involved
party may be considered as rude, that’s probably not your intention).



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