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Re: New package netgen-lvs with binary /usr/bin/netgen - already taken


On Fri 07 Sep 2018 at 10:10PM +0200, Ruben Undheim wrote:

> However, I think the policy gives us a lot of freedom to choose (it is not very
> strict in this case).

I don't understand.  This seems pretty strict:

    Two different packages must not install programs with different
    functionality but with the same filenames.

> The alternatives system is supposed to be used for packages which
> provide similar functionality (as far as I have understood), and that
> is absolutely not the case here.

Right, alternatives is not for this.

> 5. The netgen-lvs binary package provides basically just a symlink from
>    /usr/bin/netgen to /usr/bin/netgen-lvs

To my mind, this straightforwardly violates the sentence from Policy
quoted above, and would thus be RC-buggy.

Sean Whitton

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