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New package netgen-lvs with binary /usr/bin/netgen - already taken


I am planning to upload the package "netgen-lvs" soon (upstream name is
"netgen"). (https://bugs.debian.org/905952)

The Debian package "netgen" is something entirely different..
(https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/netgen) But both of them have the binary
"/usr/bin/netgen". My question is, what is the recommended way forward in this
case. I have seen what was earlier done for "nodejs", and I see this as a
similar case.  Since "netgen" may be referred to from scripts, it would be nice
to have a compatibility layer which adds a /usr/bin/netgen executable also for
"netgen-lvs". That would then go into a separate package which conflicts with
"netgen". What should in that case be the name of this package?

The other extreme is of course to just let "netgen-lvs" completely conflict
with "netgen". But that is not very nice to people who happen to be interested
in both ASIC development and 3D tetrahedral mesh generators..

What is the recommendation? Any links to previous discussions / documents about
this subject?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,