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Re: Bug#906250: ITP: execline -- small and non-interactive scripting language

Dear -devel,

When I try to package execline(a non-interactive shell script)[1], it
installs following binaries in default PATH,

cd, if, exec, wait, ....

Some facts:
* These names are other shells built-in, but in execline these are binaries.
* There's no conflict binary name in archive currently.
* If I install them in path like /usr/lib/execline/bin, then I need to
ensure this path are in everyone's PATH.

I find this package has option like `--enable-absolute-paths`, but as
a result it doesn't work as I expect. When I contact upstream[2],
upstream thinks these binaries should be in default PATH.

Any advice with packaging, can I install these binaries in default
PATH(like /usr/bin)?

[1] https://skarnet.org/software/execline/
[2] https://www.mail-archive.com/skaware@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/msg01225.html

Shengjing Zhu