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Re: About Sphinx search debian package

Adrian Nuta <adrian.nuta@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 于2018年8月30日周四 下午6:38写道:
> Hi YunQiang,
> Are you still maintaining the sphinxsearch deb package?

I just upload a minor version of Sphinx. Since I am not a heavy Sphinx
user or developer,
I guess I don't have enough knowledge to continue maintain it.

> Sphinx was forked last year (by some users) as Manticore, which is maintained by most of the team that worked on Sphinx.
> Meanwhile, Sphinx got a major release, but it's only distributed as free binaries, not open-source  and the old, open-source version is not maintained anymore. So the current 2.2.11 that is in debian repos is a software without support (we offer help to sphinx users, but this goes inevitable to switch to manticore,as we did a lot of progress since we forked and doesn't make sense to maintain older versions). Our fork is gplv2 (as the original project) and we continue from where the last open source version left.
> My question for you is if you are interested to be maintainer for a manticore debian package, as you worked with the sphinx before. We did some upgrades to our compiling scripts, as now it uses cmake and can generate packages. In the past, there wasn't much attention on distros packages (as we offered them on software website) and there was only a ppa maintained, but we want to bring manticore to distribution repositories to make it easier for users.
> If not, could you guide us how to proceed: either to find a maintainer or package ourselves?

I guess guys on debian-devel may have a interesting.

Hi, Debian folks,
Who is heavy sphinx search user and have willing to maintain manticore?
If so, just pick up this package.

> Best regards
> --
> Adrian Nuta
> Director of Support
> http://www.manticoresearch.com
> https://github.com/manticoresoftware/manticore