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Re: libsrt - srt - Secure Reliable Transport add Debian Package


On 29/08/2018 15:18, Tudor Suciu wrote:
> libsrt is a useful library for live video broadcasts. It is already
> integrated in ffmpeg, gstreamer and vlc.
> I propose this debian package for inclusion:
> https://bitbucket.org/tudorsuciu/srt
> Please tell me if you have issues generating a deb package/integrating with
> ffmpeg/gstreamer/vlc.

If you're intending to maintain this package in Debian, you should file
an "Intent to Package" bug[1]. After that, you can follow the processes
on mentors.debian.net[2][3] to request sponsorship of your package.

For this library specifically, I suspect you might have luck engaging
with the Debian Multimedia Team — they address your type of request in
their team-specific FAQ[4].

Thank you for your contribution to Debian!

Luke Faraone

[1]: https://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/
[2]: https://mentors.debian.net/intro-maintainers
[3]: https://mentors.debian.net/sponsors

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