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Re: Leftover in ftp-master.debian.org/dm.txt after DM -> DD transition

在 2018年8月27日星期一 EDT 下午3:02:46,Gunnar Wolf 写道:
> Boyuan Yang dijo [Sun, Aug 26, 2018 at 12:17:17PM -0400]:
> > Hello all,
> > 
> > My role in Debian recently changed from Debian Maintainer to Debian
> > Developer. However, my DM permission record [1] in
> > https://ftp-master.debian.org/dm.txt are still left untouched. When I try
> > to remove them, I would receive errors:
> > (...)
> > Is there any way to get rid of those records?
> Hello Bouyan,
> I think we (keyring-maint) skipped a step in our keyring push last
> Friday. I believe this should be fixed now - Please tell me if it's
> not.
> (And congratulations for becoming a full-DD ;-) )

Thanks for taking care of it. However, I tried again and that still doesn't 

> Action: dm
> Fingerprint: 7E7729476D87D6F11D91ACCBC293E7B461825ACE
> Deny: copyq danmaq dde-calendar dde-qt-dbus-factory dde-qt5integration 
deepin-calculator deepin-deb-installer deepin-gettext-tools deepin-icon-theme 
deepin-image-viewer deepin-menu deepin-movie-reborn deepin-notifications 
deepin-picker deepin-qt5dxcb-plugin deepin-screenshot deepin-shortcut-viewer 
deepin-terminal deepin-voice-recorder dtkcore dtkwidget dtkwm earlyoom 
flameshot galternatives gmchess goldendict granite gsettings-qt iptux 
libsimpleini manpages-zh nixnote2 papirus-icon-theme peek python-jieba 
qevercloud qstardict qtdbusextended qterm qtmpris zssh
There was an error processing this section. No changes were committed.
Key 7E7729476D87D6F11D91ACCBC293E7B461825ACE is not in DM keyring.

My target is pretty simple: to remove my name "Boyuan Yang" and all related 
"Allow" information from https://ftp-master.debian.org/dm.txt since that is no 
longer necessary. With my key moved out from DM keyring into DD keyring, that 
seems not possible currently.

Boyuan Yang

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