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Re: Developing - Devices - Scanner - Running Canon CanoScan 5600F Scanner on Debian in an official way?

On Thu, Aug 23, 2018 at 7:30 PM, Andreas Jakowidis wrote:

> Developing - Devices - Scanner - Running Canon CanoScan 5600F Scanner on
> Debian in an official way?

In general, user support is off-topic on this mailing list.
In future, please contact Debian user support channels:


The SANE project is what Debian packages in order to support scanners.

If you are able to, I suggest trying the latest version of
sane-backends (1.0.27) rather than what you are using now.

That said, the SANE project website says this about the CanoScan 5600F:

CanoScan 5600F
USB 0x04a9/0x1906
GL847 based, to be added to the genesys backend


That said, looking at the source code, there is some sort of
canon-5600f support:


> Why is the old CanoScan 5600f still unsupported?

I assume because no person who owns a CanoScan 5600F has done the
required work to add support to the SANE project. That would require
either obtaining protocol documentation from Canon or reverse
engineering the Windows drivers and then writing the SANE backend.

Unfortunately it seems impossible for the SANE project developers to
own every kind of scanner that has existed, so it isn't surprising
that random devices are not supported.

If you want to give reverse engineering the protocol a try, Wireshark
is a good option for capturing USB traffic these days:


In my experience (many years ago), writing SANE backends is hard, even
if you get the protocol correct, the scanner might function or not
function correctly solely based on the timing of the commands sent and
timing of the computer reading data from the scanner.