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Re: Q: Debian position on bundled libraries

On Thu, Aug 23, 2018 at 3:51 PM, Alec Leamas wrote:

> It's not that I don't understand your reasoning. Still, if this is the
> conclusion, it's kind of sad because it's means that a price-awarded [1]
> application won't be packaged in Debian. Upstream is very clear on this.

Please note that I only mentioned my personal opinion, in practice
Debian's opinion is that bundling is fine, even of unmodified stuff
that is already packaged and especially for modified or unpackaged
things. There are tons of code/data copies in the archive, many of
which are registered with the security team (see the wiki page linked
earlier) and many which are not.

> the embedded communities would really need a pure Debian package.

Hmm, why would Flatpak not work for them?

> Fedora today basically allows bundling.

I thought they actually had a similar policy to Debian; if possible,
try not to bundle but if you cannot avoid it, fine. We only use
"should" after all.