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Q: Packaging headers -> need for -dev package

Dear list,

Again: Attempting to package OpenCPN [1].

In my discussions w upstream a header has been on the table. While
OpenCPN certainly isn't a library, there is a lot of third-party plugin
development. The interface between the plugins and the main application
lives in a header called ocpn_plugin.h which thus i srequired when
writing plugins.

For me, it's natural to package this header in a opencpn-dev package.
However, when confronted with a "citation needed"[2]  I don't find
anything written on this. I see three possibilities:

  - I'm plain wrong, there is no need to package the header
  - I'm right, but it's just common sense.
  - I'm right, and there is something written on it somewhere.



[1] http://opencpn.org/
[2] https://github.com/OpenCPN/OpenCPN/pull/1102#issuecomment-414138655