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Re: salsa.debian.org maintenance (GitLab 11.1.4 upgrade, external storage migration)


Bastian Blank:
> On Fri, Aug 17, 2018 at 01:46:00PM +0000, Ulrike Uhlig wrote:
>> Consent
>> -------
>> I feel like we're currently balancing on a thin cobweb of fait accompli.
>> Are such decisions team internal or do they require the consent of the
>> project?
> There is no notion of a project consent in Debian, apart from a GR.

That notion might not be written down somewhere, but when I open an
account on a platform, I basically consent to whatever the platform
administrators do with my data. Would you agree with that? And then if
there is a change in how platform administrators handle my data, I would
like to be able to consent to that. Even if it is non identifying data.

>> Google Cloud storage is tightly linked to their AI & big data analytics
>> features which I personally find highly questionable.
> Please explain.  Google Cloud storage is just a large disk.  The
> analytics stuff can access the data if it got the authorization to
> access it.

Exactly. And my question is: do we (Salsa admins precisely) have total
control over this or not?

>>                                                       As this
>> intelligent cute monster feeds on data and metadata, it's part of its
>> ecosystem to provide free services in order to get more free food.
>> (Mentioning this because Marco d'Itri was raising the issue of having to
>> pay for storage.)
> Google Cloud storage is no free service.  We certainly pay for it; with
> Google's money, but still.

Works for me. As said, I simply mentioned this, because Marco made it
sound like we would have to pay if we'd switch to another such provider.
But "we" already pay for it. Thanks for making it clear.

>> To end with, I believe that a self-hosted solution would address all of
>> these issues.
> This is nice, but incorrect.

I lack the reasoning to arrive at the same conclusion.