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Bug#906259: ITP: smartparens -- auto insertion, wrapping, and navigation of ()s, delimiters, and tags for Emacs

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Nicholas D Steeves <nsteeves@xxxxxxxxx>

Package name    : smartparens
Version         : 1.11.0
Upstream Author : 
URL             : https://github.com/Fuco1/smartparens
License         : GPL-3+
Programming Lang: elisp
Description     : auto insertion, wrapping, and navigation of ()s, delimiters, and tags for Emacs

 Smartparens is minor mode for Emacs that manages parenthetical pairs and
 tries to be smart about it.  Smartparens combines the functionality of
 autopair, textmate, wrap-region, electric-pair-mode, paredit into an
 integrated and extensible interface, with consistent behaviour across
 multiple languages.  It aims to manage parentheses, delimiters, tags,
 et al in a way that does not cause cognitive dissonance.
 Users who have found paredit awkward, or who miss LISP-specific niceties
 when working in other languages should try Smartparens.  Conversely,
 long-time paredit users may require a period of adaptation, may need to
 customise various smartparens behaviours, and ultimately might find that
 this package is insufficiently paredit alike.  Also, there are some
 reports that it is slow and inefficient in some modes (eg: AUCTeX);
 however, it works particularly well with Cider (Clojure).
 Smartparens uses a default profile for most languages, but has specific
 support for Emacs LISP, Clojure, Elixir, ESS, Haskell, HTML, Javascript,
 LaTeX, Lua, Markdown, ML, Org, Python, Racket, Ruby, Rust, Scala, and
 plain text.

This package is at the 99% percentile of MELPA downloads, Emacs Prelude
installs it, and it is part of Spacemacs (and thus the Spacemacs packaging
effort).  I am currently in the process of investigating how well I like
it.  I really like the idea of paredit but continue to find it difficult to
use in practise, so Smartparens might become one of my favourite packages.

I plan to maintain it as part of the Debian Emacsen team, and I will need a
sponsor for the initial upload.


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