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Re: salsa.debian.org maintenance (GitLab 11.1.4 upgrade, external storage migration)

Am 13.08.2018 um 17:50 schrieb Marco d'Itri:
> On Aug 13, Jonas Meurer <jonas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> To be honest, I don't like the idea of making our infrastructure as a
>> project rely on closed and proprietary systems like Google Cloud. Isn't
>> it important to us as a project anymore to run our infrastructure on
>> free software and under our own control? [1]
> Sure. Do you have the source for the firmwares of all your hard disks?

Yeah, thanks for this very reasonable argument. Not. Our Social Contract
says that we adhere to Free Software, no? So even though there are
limitations (but we're working on those as well), I don't see why this
justifies switching to proprietary solutions where free ones are available.

>> Github and to make us independent from proprietary solutions. If we now
>> start moving the salsa storage to a proprietary cloud solution, this
>> leaves a bad taste in my mouth.>
> We can still easily move that data to a different free as in freedom 
> cloud solution if needed, it would just be much more expensive because 
> then I expect that we would actually have to pay for these resources.

I don't buy this argument either. If you follow this logic, why not
switch to use Github and Travis CI only? Would be the cheapest and we
even wouldn't have to maintain it on our own. Yay!

And yes, maybe free cloud solutions are more expensive. Do you have
calculations? Apart from that, it's not an argument for me to not
consider them. And besides, that's your assumption only. It hasn't been
discussed in public before and the project was not asked for better
alternatives either.


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