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Re: changing git tags on the remote repo

Hi Holger,

Am 12.08.18 um 14:17 schrieb Holger Wansing:
> Hi,
> Alf Gaida <agaida@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> git push --tags --force - if one have the needed rights and the remote
>> settings allow it.
> This goes at least so far, that I get a clear error message:
> remote: GitLab: You are not allowed to change existing tags on this project.

that's a feature.
Normally you don't want this and nobody can delete tags unintentionally
as there is normally no reason to change history on a public git tree.
The normal case is to create new tag with the according commit SHA


You can modify the behavior for your git tree, but really be careful if
you remove this protection! As said, you really don't want to do this! :)

Carsten Schoenert