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Bug#905755: ITP: emacs-theme-gruvbox -- retro groove colour scheme for Emacs

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Nicholas D Steeves <nsteeves@xxxxxxxxx>

Package name    : emacs-theme-gruvbox
Version         : 1.26.0
Upstream Author : Jason Milkins <jasonm23@xxxxxxxxx>
URL             : https://github.com/greduan/emacs-theme-gruvbox/
License         : MIT
Programming Lang: elisp
Description     : retro groove colour scheme for Emacs

 Gruvbox is a retro groove color scheme for Emacs. It is a port of
 Pavel Pertsev's original Vim theme.  This theme uses far less blue
 than most, and eschews candy colours for a warmer colour scheme that
 retains contrast.  It seems to be retro insomuch as it makes use of
 various green, beige, peach, and orange tones—tones that do not match
 astonishingly bright RGB LEDs.
 Gruvbox contains light and dark themes in hard, medium, and soft

This package appears to be unique among the modern Emacs custom
themes, and is the first theme that has tempted me away from my
customisation of the default theme, plus frame-background-mode 'dark.

I plan to maintain it as part of the Debian Emacsen team and will need
a sponsor for the initial upload.